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Northeast Florida’s Greatest CAR SALE! Ever



Hundreds of Jacksonville car shoppers streamed into 121 Financial’s Great CAR SALE! of 2019. For two days this September, the huge parking lot at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium was packed with more than 600 cars, trucks, and SUVs. Twelve Jacksonville area car dealers brought many of their nicest high quality used and some new vehicles to the big sale. It was a win-win for shoppers who found: quality affordable cars, excellent low loan rates from 121 Financial and the convenience of handling it all in one location.

"Our whole goal is to get people a good reliable automobile with super-low loan rates and excellent prices. These vehicles are $200 below the NADA retail price,” said 121 Financial Credit Union's Interim CEO, David Marovich.

More than 1,000 people attended the car sale buying almost 200 cars. Car shoppers liked the convenience of comparing deals from different dealers in one place. They also liked the way 121 Financial pre-approved many shoppers before they began their search. Credit Union members especially discovered how much smoother the car buying experience could be and how they could get more car for their money thanks to 121 Financial.

You're Not a Number to Us

“The way we look at things,” said 121 Financial Marketing VP Adam Wade. “It’s more than just your credit score. It’s more than just your income. It's more than what’s in your bank account. We try to look at everyone’s personal situation, your history with us if we know you well through the credit union. And we try to make it work for people if we can change their rates. We can work on the price of the amount of time for the loan. We’re going to do whatever we can to get people in cars."

Joe Arnold from Honda of the Avenues is one of the car dealers attending the show.

“It’s always good to be involved with events like this because it’s good for the customer, good for the community and it’s good for building a relationship with 121 Financial Credit Union because they’re here to help the buying and selling of cars.”

There was more than just car shopping at the Great CAR SALE! 1010-XL radio personalities broadcast live from the event included NFL Pro Bowler and former Jaguar Leon Searcy. Food trucks offered a variety of dining options and for the kids, there was free face painting and ice cream. The treat for car buyers was working with a lender that cares.

The Response was Overwhelming!

The Great CAR SALE! was a hit with customers like Gary Brice.

“I think this is a good idea,” he said. “There are a lot of cars out here. And there’s a variety, so it’s not like you’re going lot to lot. They’ve changed the game. There’s almost too many deals.”

John from Jacksonville liked the way you could shop from the Shrine’s parking lot then step inside and take care of the paperwork. “You get pre-approved.,” he said. “A lot of cars out here. A lot of good deals. You see a car that you like. You see the price. You take a test drive. You give them a check and you’re good.”

Organizers say this is one of the company’s best-attended car sales. The good weather helped but veteran car pros like Dane from Coggin GMC Buick of Orange Park said 121 Financial did a good job promoting the event.

“A lot of people that came out today said they came out because they heard the advertising on the radio or 121 Financial had sent them a direct mail piece. So far, that marketing has panned out well.”

It's About the Community...

Events like The Great CAR SALE! are just one way 121 Financial works to improve the lives of our members and our community.

“We do a lot more than offer amazing car loans,” said Adam Wade of 121 Financial. “We work with everyone on every step of their financial life. One thing we’re passionate about is financial education. So please give us a call, visit our website, come to one of our branches. We will work with you to make your financial picture better. That doesn’t always mean buying something. It doesn’t mean financial products. Maybe we can just help you do things a little different in your life, that’s going to make things a little better. We can help you get your credit score up, lower your payments. We can help you lower your debt. That’s what we’re all about, helping you have a better life.”

More than 100 happy car buyers now have the better life a reliable car gives you, thanks to the Great Car Sale.

If you missed out on this year’s Car Sale but need a new car, you can still take advantage of 121 Financial’s low rates for car loans.

Visit 121 FCU's website. There you can use our free payment calculator, which quickly shows you how much you will pay each month; based on the car’s cost and your interest rates.

And if you don’t need a new car right now but maybe needing a new car next year some time, stay tuned for information about The 121 Financial Great CAR SALE! of 2020. Members will be the first to learn about the dates for next year’s extravaganza.

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